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We hope you like our new web site, and Suggestions to improve this web site are welcome.  Over the years we have carved every design or character imaginable in custom wood signs and plaques. We can carve personalized wood signs or camping signs. All of our wooden signs are custom made wood signs.



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Cell 484-948-0382

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Main Phone 610-340-0121

Main Phone 610-340-0121

Main Phone 610-340-0121

Cell 484-948-0382

Cell 484-948-0382

Heavy Duty Sign Post
Solid Steel
Sold In Many Lengths
Original Color Is Black

Finish Dates Posted and makes a premium custom carved wooden sign or wood sign.
Our wooden camping signs and plaques feature deep carved lettering. 
All our many endless designs are carved into the wood before painting.  The wood camping sign place.

Many Products
Hand Made By
Craftsman Around
The World.

Wood & wooden carved or engraved sign & signs or plaques for camping personalized with any graphic design.
Wood & wooden carved or engraved sign & signs or plaques for camping signs  personalized with any graphic design.  Wood signs & plaques.
Wood signs with graphic for camping & business, home or farm.  Our camping signs and plaques use a premium wood brand name finish.

We have many design selections or graphics for your wooden sign.
Wooden signs and plaques will be greatly enhanced with a colorful carved graphic.

Imagine all the friends you will make
with this dog carved on your wooden
sign or wood plaque.

Personalized carved wood, wooden signs and plaques make the best holiday gift.  Our gift certificate will show your order is under construction.

Production is temporarily limited, 2017


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