Read the basic explanation about both types of wood sign.

No finish is needed on our natural white pine signs. Hanging free in the air this type of sign will turn light powder gray and last outside for 100 years. Avoid putting this type of sign where there might be roof run off. Roof water might stain the sign. If you want this sign to maintain a beautiful and natural look, do NOT put any finish on the sign ! The worst thing that could happen to this sign is for the acrylic paint to need a touch up. That is easy because the design is cut deep into the wood. Just hang the sign and enjoy it forever.

Natural or rustic

Yellow Pine

The light color and beautiful grain on the varnished yellow pine makes the carved design look true to life. This sign is great to take camping. If anything is spilled on it, or the sign gets soiled, you can wash it off. Your varnished yellow pine sign will someday need maintenance. If varnished wood stays outside, someday you must give it a touch up coat of varnish. It's no different than a wooden boat. If you ever choose to varnish your sign, make sure the sign is flat or level so the varnish won't run. We send you this sign water proofed with oils and double coated on both sides with varnish.

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Redwood or most dark wood gets even darker when varnished.  Without varnish or sealers redwood quickly gets an ugly surface rot.  Redwood is very soft and does not have enough fiber in it for strength. and makes a premium custom carved wooden sign or wood sign.
Our wooden camping signs and plaques feature deep carved lettering. 
All our many endless designs are carved into the wood before painting.  The wood camping sign place.